Experienced Foot & Ankle Doctors

How to Find an Experienced Podiatrist
How to Find an Experienced Podiatrist

How to Find an Experienced Podiatrist

How to Find an Experienced Podiatrist

How to Find an Experienced Podiatrist

Foot problems are a concern for many people, whether they live a tirelessly active or a slow sedentary lifestyle. These issues can be hereditary, or they can develop through the years. Fortunately, there are doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle pain and problems but finding an experienced and qualified podiatrist can be a challenge. Podiatry Centers of Maryland offers services in Lanham, MD and we have some tips on how you can find a reliable podiatrist in your area.

Consult Your Primary Care Physician

Everyone should have a family doctor or primary care physician they visit regularly for routine checkups. If you are experiencing foot, ankle, or lower leg problems, then share your concerns with your primary care physician and ask for recommendations. They can run preliminary tests and diagnostics to narrow down the possible causes of your problem and guide you to a trusted source.

Contact Your Health Insurance Provider

Insurance companies usually make agreements with reliable healthcare providers and have a list of affiliated podiatrists. Reach out to your health insurance provider to get a copy of the list of qualified podiatrists covered by your insurance provider. This can also score you some savings as podiatric consultations and procedures can be costly without insurance. Sticking with in-network providers can save you money even if they are practicing in a city other than where you live.

Ask Family, Friends, and Neighbors

You never know what people around you are going through, and chances are a family member, friend, or neighbor is experiencing, or has experienced, similar problems to yours. Share your situation with those you trust and see if they have recommendations. Even learning which podiatrists NOT to visit can be valuable.

Explore Online

You should not trust everything you see on the internet, but proper research can yield great results. Searching the web for foot pain doctor, for instance, will give you a long list of options but you should narrow that list down by cross-checking sources. 
Visit their website and take note of whether the website looks professional. Enter their shared address on a platform such as Google Maps to confirm that their business is legitimate. Further, visit third-party websites to see patient reviews of the clinic or practice. Finally, give them a call and ask some questions about the podiatrists’ qualifications, licensing, and experience.
Do not provide any personal information to businesses over the phone or through messaging. If the business does NOT have a physical location that you can readily visit, then steer clear of that business!

Looking for a Podiatrist in Maryland?

If you are looking for a reliable podiatrist in Maryland, then give Podiatry Centers of Maryland a call or visit. Our podiatrists offer a host of services including ankle and foot care, diabetic foot care, orthotics, surgery, and more. Call now to consult with one of our knowledgeable team members or visit one of our clinics for a face-to-face meeting. We look forward to hearing from, or seeing, you!

January 24,2023

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